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By: Walt | October 02, 2018

The device for electrical chips 528-3 is a vegetable cutter, which can and should be used as a tool for making spiral chips. This vegetable cutter is used for cutting spiral chips, chips to the workpiece with sausage or potato noodles. To make the spiral chips, you need to install a special knife from the kit, which takes 10 seconds. As you can see, the equipment for the production of chips rearranged very easily and quickly

The device «TwistickPotato®» spiral cuts potato, which is mounted on a stick, fries 3-4 minutes in hot oil and serveds on a table with condiments. This new service on the market won the taste and appearance of traditional fries. This product can be used at home, in a restaurant, cafe and bar in the hotels. For those who ...

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By: Walt | January 24, 2018

528-1(3in1) Manual Twisted Potato Cutter,Potato Chips Slicer,High Quality French Fry Cutter

1.Material:Full stainless steel.
2.Design:Simple structuer,manual spiral Most popular design.
3.Shape: Twisted potato, Spiral Fries, Hot dog chips
5.Packing size:355*107*125mm


By: Walt | January 20, 2018

528-7(3in1)manual Twisted Potato Cutter

type: Fruits & Vegetables Tools

Model Number: 528-7 (3in1)
Shape: tornado Potato+Spiral Fried Potatoes+ Hot Dog Chips
Color: Red + Silver
Material: ABS plastic + stainless steel blade
weight: 1.45 kg
dimension: 23 * 22 * 14 cm
Application: Fast food stores, snack bars, etc.


By: Walt | January 20, 2018

528-6(3in1) ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel Blade Manual Twisted Spiral Potato Cutter Potato Slicer Kitchen Tool Potato Cutting Machine

Type : Fruit & Vegetable Tools

Model Number : 528-6 (3in1)
three Shape: Twisted potato+Spiral Fries+Hot dog chips 
Color : Red
Material : ABS Plastic + Stainless steel blade
Weight : 1.05kg
Dimension : 13.5*26.5*12.5cm
Application : Fast food shops, snack shops, etc.



By: Walt | December 01, 2017

VSI 528-1
Manual Tornado Potato Cutter
VSI 528-1 Manual Tornado Potato Cutter exclusive equipment for cutting spiral chips manually, without electricity, which is a very convenient option.  This unit can be used at home, restaurants, bars or hotels. With  it you can start a business from scratch or improve your existing menu.
VSI 528-1 allows to make Twister-Dog — sausage, wrap in a spiral potato, as well as potato noodles.

Product Specifications:
Efficiency — a spiral within 5 seconds.
The body is made of stainless steel (2,5 millimeters thickness).
The casing is covered with a protective film.
Dimensions — 260 x 130 x 70 mm.
The set comes with bldes for sausages (Twister-Dog) and a potato noodles.
Two blades included.
Operating with a han...

By: Walt | May 24, 2017

While Twistick Potato Fries go by many different names, they are all pretty much the same thing.

We start with a fresh Idaho Potato and then spiral slice around an 18 inch wooden skewer. From there, it goes into the fryer until it has a texture that is firmer than fresh cut fries but not quite crisp like a potato chip. Once we remove it from the fryer, we season it with your choice of one or more seasonings. Tornado Potato Fries in Athens Ohio has the following seasonings to choose from:

Sour Cream and Chives
White Cheddar
Parmesan Garlic
Bacon and Cheddar
Cinamon and Sugar

The Origin of Tornado Potatoes

Tornado Potato Fries are truley an International food!

It is widely believed that the sprial sliced potato on a st...

By: Walt | January 25, 2017

3 Function Manual Stainless Steel Twist Potato Slicer Fruit Vegetable Tools
Specifics Item
Fruit Vegetable & Tools Type
Stainless steel Material
Number Model:528-1(3in1)
Eco-Friendly Stocked, Feature
Weight 1.54kg 
Weight 1.77kg 
Dimension (L*W*H) 70*390*380mm
Fast food shops snack shops Application etc.
New Condition
Size 355*107*125mm Packing