VSI Potato Cutters Inc.


    VSI Potato Cutters Inc. is a Canadian company which specialize in a manufacturing high quality equipment for producing spiral chips.
    We are using only the highest quality stainless steel and the most efficient engines for our products. 
    We are the only company that has the patent to manufacture spiral potato cutting machines for commercial use.
    Our employees will be glad to provide you with exceptional after-sales service and support.

Twistick Potato® -- one of a kind, spiral-cut potato that could be imitated, but never duplicated The key to our powerful product is freshness. Potatoes selected to be the perfect size for perfection these potatoes are thoroughly washed, hand-crafted, and fried to a golden perfect crisp!

We also offer zucchini, sweet potato, sausages, gourmet chili and melted cheese!

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