VSI Potato Cutters Inc.

Bamboo sticks (skewers)

Bamboo sticks (skewers) are also made by our company. Skewers have a thickness of 4 mm, and length — 400 mm, one side sharpened. Made of natural bamboo, which increases their strength and durability, they are environmentally friendly.
Our skewers are pre-soaked in water… they are perfect for cooking at the high temperature and they will not burn on fire!
Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material and is relatively inexpensive and it will always enhance any dining experience.
Bamboo skewers are packed in boxes of 1000 pieces — the weight is 5 kg, dimensions of the box — 420 x 145 x 190 mm. 
Another type of packaging — 4000 pieces — the weight is 20 kg, the size of the box — 420 x 260 x 350 mm.
We guarantee high quality of our products.

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