VSI Potato Cutters Inc.

What is a Master Franchise?

A Master Franchise essentially means that you are granted exclusive development rights for a particular geographical location. There is no limit to the number of territories you acquire so long as you are able to effectively market, control and manage all simultaneously. As a Master Franchise you are responsible for all business activities (include accounts) related to the running and management of your own business including all legal obligations related to Franchising depending on location.

Master Franchising benefits

Exclusive territorial development rights - Nobody else but you can market, supply and distribute Twistick Potato franchises, products and services within your territory VSI PotatoCutters Inc. does not insist on account audits saving you not only the hassle but making you all the profits too Freedom to market and develop in a number of different ways e.g. Keep the monopoly through self-development and employment; renting equipment coupled with monthly per cut fee (based on the number of Twistick Potato sold per calendar month) and selling smaller franchise package deals. Anyone can franchise - You can offer franchise packages to already established food businesses whether mobile or shop referred to as in-store incorporation Trade with your own food outlet as well as offer package deals Ability to wholesale and / retail certain franchise products Increased earning potential by marketing and selling catering equipment e.g. deep fryers, popcorn machines and juice dispensers, etc as well as mobile units e.g. kiosks to non-franchisees The original Franchisor remains the parent of the Master Franchisee as well as sub-franchisee's in instances where disputes cannot be settled or where either party fails to deliver on their contract and the Franchisor can offer dispute consol or taking back control of 'territory' for future services if obligations are not met.

What are my obligations and limitations?

The only obligations you have as a Master Franchise are as follows: To only use Twistick Potato format advertising and not to edit or alter the logo or trade mark in way To replenish stock directly from VSI PotatoCutters Inc. and not from a third party (6 months rotating) To remain open for business and market the concept to the best of your ability Not to negotiate sales or enquiries outside of your territory If at the time of purchasing a Master Franchise for an area already established with some regular Franchisees trading the services normally provided by the original Franchisor or previous Master Franchise will be switched over at the time of purchase to the new Master Franchise. You will be a key in overseeing the Franchise operations and to address and resolve any issues arising from the Master or sub-Franchisees thereof.

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