VSI Potato Cutters Inc.

Vegetable cutter VSI 528-3 (3 in 1)

The device for electrical chips 528-3 is a vegetable cutter, which can and should be used as a tool for making spiral chips. This vegetable cutter is used for cutting spiral chips, chips to the workpiece with sausage or potato noodles. To make the spiral chips, you need to install a special knife from the kit, which takes 10 seconds. As you can see, the equipment for the production of chips rearranged very easily and quickly

The device «TwistickPotato®» spiral cuts potato, which is mounted on a stick, fries 3-4 minutes in hot oil and serveds on a table with condiments. This new service on the market won the taste and appearance of traditional fries. This product can be used at home, in a restaurant, cafe and bar in the hotels. For those who want to start your own business — it is a profitable business, where you can earn good money.
What is a device for cooking potato chips? This vegetable cutter 528-3 (3 in 1) with the following characteristics:
Power supply 110/230/240 V, 50/60 Hz.
Power of 40 watts.
Efficiency — a spiral within 5 seconds.
Manufactured from stainless steel.
There is an electronic counter.
Modernised August 1, 2014, we sell refurbished machines.
The device is covered with a protective film.
Package slicer:
Power cable.
Knives for curly chips — 2 pcs.
Knives for the Twister-Dog — 1 pc.
spiral blades — 1 pc.
The keys — 2 pcs.
Spare fuses — 2 pcs.
Spare limit switches — 4 pieces
If there is small potatoes, you can cut it into noodles, toss it in the hot oil for two minutes and serve the visitor in a paper cone with a sauce and a fork.
Another interesting food for visitors will be the Twister-Dog, which acts like a magnet to visitors. Technical characteristics of the device:
The unit is covered with a protective film.
The body is made of stainless steel 2.5 mm thick.
Dimensions — 260 x 130 x 70 mm.
Two interchangeable blades — for noodles and packing a sausage.
A set of keys with which to easily replace the blade.


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