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Spiral potato Seasonings

Spiral potato Seasonings
In keeping up with the Bamboo chips policy of innovation. We are constantly introducing different seasonings to satisfy the palate of different consumers
We have 16 different flavoured salts to season the Bamboo chips with.
CSpicy Steak, Onion chicken flavor, Tomato flavor BBQ flavor Beef Curry, Spiced Beef, Corn flavor, Seafood flavor, Chive butter, Spicy chicken flavor, Cumin flavor, Beef flavor, Pork flavor, Chicken flavor, Salt and pepper flavor , eaweed flavor

All of our salts are msg free and do not contain any artificial flavours or colours.The seasoning salts are also free from animal products and halaal so they can be used by vegetarians as well.
These salts can be used on anything that you may desire. They can be used to season salads,or as a marinade for BBQs. They can be sprinkled on pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, popcorn etc.
The seasoning salts are available in 1KG foil packets ,specially packed to ensure quality and freshness. Along with the custom made shakers designed for easy storage.
These flavoured salts are also available in smaller 100 gms packaging for the retail market.
These can be stocked in stores, restaurants or supermarkets.

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