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About our Franchises

Twistick Potato is a Canadian owned company with further offices registered in Canada, USA.
Fresh Potato has established an international network of Master Franchises across Europe, Australia and Oceania, Asia and North America.

These individuals have exclusive regional development rights to sell sub-franchisees on behalf of Twistick Potato.

Where no Master Franchise has been secured and you are interested in finding out more about Fresh Potato you are invited to contact our Toronto head offices for further information.

Twistick Potato Franchise Brand

Twistick Potato is the one of the most innovative and successful fast food concepts globally.

Twistick Potato has built a strong, trusted and recognised brand in the food retail industry and has loyal customers following the brand's progression.

The Twistick Potato concept recreates the fun element in the work place by offering a product that is exciting make, look at and taste.

We believe in pushing the brand to the limit and in so creating a window of opportunity to franchisees like never before with real incentives and opportunities within the concept allowing them to maximise their earning potential.

Twistick Potato success strives on the facts and the already known which is that hot fries have long since the early 19th century been in high demand and continue to rise.
Over the past decade countries that never featured as high consumers of hot fries have come round and in certain areas have increased their annual consumption by up to four times.
The whole world loves hot fries, young and old, irrelevant of culture or ethnic background therefore Twistick Potato can be eaten by all at anytime of the year.

TWISTICK Potato for Chinese market

“Twistick Potato” is a worldwide known brand of fast food.
«Twistick Potato» is one of the most innovative and successful concepts for fast food among a global scale.
The concept of «Fresh Potato» recreates cheerful element in the workplace by offering a product that attracts with its original way of cooking and amazing taste such as: Mexican chili (spicy), fried chicken, pizza flavored cheese with green onion, barbecue, sea products, tomato ketchup, fried sausages, and so on.

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