VSI Potato Cutters Inc.

528-1(3in1)Tornado Potato Cutter-spiral, potato chips curly, fries, twist hot dog.

VSI 528-1 
Manual Tornado Potato Cutter
VSI 528-1 Manual Tornado Potato Cutter exclusive equipment for cutting spiral chips manually, without electricity, which is a very convenient option.  This unit can be used at home, restaurants, bars or hotels. With  it you can start a business from scratch or improve your existing menu.
VSI 528-1 allows to make Twister-Dog — sausage, wrap in a spiral potato, as well as potato noodles.


Product Specifications:
Efficiency — a spiral within 5 seconds.
The body is made of stainless steel (2,5 millimeters thickness).
The casing is covered with a protective film.
Dimensions — 260 x 130 x 70 mm.
The set comes with bldes for sausages (Twister-Dog) and a potato noodles.
Two blades included.
Operating with a handle

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