VSI Potato Cutters Inc.

The machine for chips 528-6 (3in1) manual

In 2015, there was a novelty — The machine for chips 528-6 manual. In the model it is possible to cut the spiral chips, make chips with sausage inside, noodles, sushi workpiece. food grade plastic used to manufacture the device, the device can not be rust, it is convenient to operate, high-quality production, the price of the manufacturer! The blade is made of stainless steel.
New cutter for making spiral potato is the best choice of those who bought it. Excellent use in the home kitchen, in a restaurant or a hotel, on holiday. If you buy our products from us, the manufacturer, you will have full confidence that the purchased product in the package — a new, nowhere and no one used, the goods are not subject to repair. Do not forget that the price of the purchased device we will from producer.
Product Features:
Unique practical design.
Easy to maintain, it can work one person.
Custom cut natural fries.
Low cost, here you get a higher return.
To fully meet the needs of consumers, type in your menu spiral potatoes and Twister-Dog sausage potato spiral.
If the potato residues no longer possible to get a spiral chips, you can cut them into noodles or small particles, saute in butter a few minutes and serve visitors in a paper cone, after adding to the sauce.
Overall dimensions — 265 x 135 x 125 mm. Package weight — 1.5 kg.
Our company is the sole owner of the patent for the production of equipment for spiral chips. Our clients receive the entire complex after-sales service after the acquisition of the unit. Device for cutting chips hand cut potatoes in their skins. They can be cut into spiral chips manually, without electricity, which is a very convenient oillhe two and a her-sales service

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