VSI Potato Cutters Inc.

528-7 (3 in 1) Multifunctional Manual spiral slicer

528-7 (3 in 1) Multifunctional Manual spiral slicer / tornado fries / potato twister machineApparat chips for hand-528-7 is the best solution. It set a new cutter, which is manufactured using a spiral potatoes.
Model features:
New quality, production at the highest level.
The device is made with a creative, special, unique design.
Easy to use — you can make your own fries at home or anywhere where you want. To service the device only one person.
Sliced ??to order natural potatoes.
Potato chips are obtained by simply turning the knob.
Do not use too much potato.
The housing and blade are made of stainless steel.
The low cost of the device involves a high profit.
If you decide to start a business from scratch and have purchased the machine for chips, start your own menu with spiral potatoes and chips and sausages. If you have a small potato or a little of its residues shall shoot noodles, saute a few minutes in hot oil, add sauce and serve customers in a paper cone, do not forget to submit and fork.
Dimensions — 230 x 180 x 130 mm.
The case is made of durable stainless steel with thickness of two and a half millimeters.
Two removable stainless steel blades: a nozzle for sausage and a potato noodles.
Weight 1.5 kg unit.
We give 100% guarantee on their products. We are the only company that has the patent for the production of equipment manufactured spiral chips. We provide our clients with a full set of after-sales service. If you are approached goods, there is always the option of return or exchange for another suitable. Payment for goods can be over the counter or any terminal branch of PrivatBank, through «Privat24», or upon receipt of goods, if it is sent by cash on delivery. Send the purchased goods through the «New Mail», «Delivery» or «Intime» cheaper shipping multiple items at one time.

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